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Increase your sales with powerful digital advertising

The b2b.store digital advertising module empowers wholesalers to create engaging ads in their own existing eCommerce platform or within the b2b.store eCommerce module. Ads will help increase your sales and can also be the source of new income streams from suppliers who want to invest in your digital channel to promote their own products.

b2b.store's powerful advertising module allows wholesalers to deploy a range of ad formats or product carousels into customisable areas of your eCommerce platform. 

The advertising module can be upgraded to allow ads to be scheduled to appear at a specific time and date. Ads can be targeted to users who fit a certain profile and for the more serious digital marketeers, all ads can be split tested in real time.

Our consultants will work with your marketing team to define where ads should appear in your eCommerce platform to deliver the best results. And once live, you can track ad performance in real-time via the b2b.store dashboard to see how many impressions and interactions each ad receives.

Why should wholesalers use digital advertising?

Put simply, effective digital advertising will help wholesalers to increase sales through their eCommerce platform. By highlighting a specific product or offer to customers, wholesalers can ensure they have maximum visibility and will increase the chance of the product being selected compared to when it is listed in a large product inventory.

When used effectively, digital advertising is more powerful than traditional print advertising, as you can link an ad to a product and enable customers to instantly purchase that product. Metrics are then immediately available to assess the return on investment associated to the ad.

B2B Digital Advertising

Supercharge your adverts

The b2b.store advertising module empowers wholesalers to supercharge their adverts in a number of ways. Adverts can be posted into multiple slots within the eCommerce environment and in a variety of formats, including video. Powerful calls to action can be positioned on the advert such as 'Add to Basket' or 'Add to Custom Shopping List'.

Adverts can also be targeted to specific segments of a wholesalers' customer base, meaning you will not be sending adverts to customers who would never purchase the product you are advertising.

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What is split testing?

Split testing allows wholesalers to perform A/B tests on adverts to judge their effectiveness. Using split testing, adverts can be posted simultaneously in the same position. Half of your audience sees one advert and the other half sees the second advert, providing an immediate result to show which advert is performing best.

Wholesalers can then build on the more effective advert and can iterate again and again, ensuring your digital adverts are constantly improving. The b2b.store advertising module provides a dashboard that allows wholesalers to see how the adverts are performing in real time. 

As well as split testing adverts, b2b.store's advertising module also enables wholesalers to A/B test images within product listings.

Split testing