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April 10 2021

b2b.store and Confex partner to get Confex members online

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Confex the wholesale buying group with 49 years of trading experience has joined up with b2b.store to offer its members access to their eCommerce platform.

b2b.store is an eCommerce platform designed specifically for the wholesale industry from the same team that built the sector’s first ever ordering app for Bestway Wholesale back in 2014. It enables wholesalers of all sizes to get online quickly and cost-effectively via a white label platform that works seamlessly across mobile, desktop and tablet.

So far five Confex members from all over the UK have taken advantage of the partnership. Crowndale Food Services based in Leicester, Moby Foods in West Yorkshire, KCS Cash & Carry in West London, Caterking in Oswestry and Fresco in Glasgow.

Rob Mannion CEO and founder of b2b.store said: “The Confex members we are working with have recognised that where once eCommerce was a ‘nice-to-have’, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it a ‘must-have’ offer. The restrictions placed on businesses and the issues caused have driven a massive growth in online ordering and for businesses to survive they need to be able to adapt quickly. b2b.store allows them to do just that.

“It’s been designed specifically for the wholesale sector and is perfectly suited to Confex members. There is a risk-free commercial model that can scale with their businesses as their online offer grows. And a number of premium features to pick and choose from all developed to ensure the best possible customer experience."

Confex Marketing Director, Jess Douglas adds, ‘We are extremely pleased with the implementation of the b2b.store and the offering it provides to our members. Although it is apparent technology has been progressing hugely in the industry in recent years, the pandemic has moved this on significantly and we are delighted that our members are able to achieve their eCommerce goals through our partnership with b2b.store, whilst utilising the extensive image bank they have access to through head office to get their app up and running quickly. Feedback from our members is great and the ‘upsell’ potential already coming to fruition’.

If you'd like more information about how b2b.store could support your business get in touch with the team here.