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June 26 2022

b2b.store decouples wholesale digital solutions

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B2B tech solutions provider b2b.store has separated its services to offer a series of cutting-edge modules that can be adopted quickly and easily.

By splitting up what had previously been a full-service solution, customers can now cherry pick which options work best for them – meaning b2b.store can be tailored to fit exact needs.

What's more, each of b2b.store's modules can be fully integrated into existing eCommerce and ERP platforms, ensuring set up can be quick and done with minimal fuss.

By decoupling b2b.store's modules from each other, it has created four new distinct services: B2B eCommerce, B2B WhatsApp, B2B Digital Advertising and B2B Credit Control.

B2B eCommerce is a high-performance ordering and marketing platform, while B2B WhatsApp is a solution adapted from WhatsApp Business API technology that directly communicate with customers to make ordering, sharing promotions and payment much easier.

B2B Digital Advertising is a plug-in that helps to create and share powerful digital adverts across existing eCommerce platforms to boost sales, and B2B Credit Control is a cost-effective way to manage accounts and payment, which includes our Open Banking solution.

"This is a significant moment in b2b.store's development as decoupling opens up our services much further than it was possible to previously," explained b2b.store CEO Rob Mannion.

"We made the decision to do this because we understand that every wholesaler, distributor and manufacturer faces a different set of challenges and a different set of needs, and we wanted to be a lot more adaptable to those.

"Another key benefit is that set up can now be achieved much quicker than it was possible to do previously and our subscription-based model means wholesalers can choose what works for them a switch it on in a quick, seamless way."