BOOK A CALL helps B2B businesses to take ordering online for their customers, streamlining processes and increasing revenues.

But we know that many of you use highly productive business development professionals, who spend their time out on the road. Your BDMs create new relationships with clients they meet on their travels and cultivate existing relationships with your valued customers. The BDMs that have been with you for years likely do a similar thing to; they increase order values, ensure you beat your targets and keep customers coming back to you. 

Your BDMs and are a major factor in your business… so what if we told you that you could combine the two and have the best of both worlds? for BDMs puts the power of into your BDMs hands (and mobile phone), with some exclusive added functionality, just for them.

Of course, all of the standard functionality is there as well.

Your BDMs can place orders on behalf of the customers they visit, whilst they’re live on site. There’s no rekeying of paper forms for them to fill out and no need for the customer to delay whilst they review prices. Using their mobile device, your BDM can load up your current inventory and order whatever the customer needs for them right there in front of them.

But there’s more…

Successful members of your BD team will likely offer on-the-spot special discounts and pricing whilst they’re on site with customers and the BD version of allows them to do exactly that, live, in front of the customer.

Your BDMs can adjust pricing within predetermined parameters to increase converted sales and order values. They can also leave notes against the pricing they set with your customers so that they’re ready for the next time they visit. Promotions can be configured so that your BDM can show their customers your current offers and easily add them to a customers usual order.

By deploying to your BDMs you can:

  • Streamline on-site orders; no re-keying or delay in orders making it to your systems.
  • Increase your sales range; on-the-road BDMs can easily take your online offering to anywhere they can travel.
  •  All of the standard functionality in the palm of your BDM’s hand; your complete inventory, ready to sell in a ‘sales presenter’ style application.
  • Flexible pricing; empower your BDMs to sell more, instantly, and retain an electronic record of the pricing used with any given customer, as well as custom typed notes on how and why the price was agreed to.
  • Promotions; allow BDMs to easily run through current offers, sell more and increase order values.

If you'd like to find out more about how could support your business then get in touch with the team here.