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b2b.store has launched a new b2b.store Enterprise for national and multinational B2B businesses.

b2b.store processes almost 22,000 monthly orders for our clients, with a total order value in excess of £21 million per month, so we’ve always been good at doing things at scale.

We’re delighted to offer a new b2b.store Enterprise platform to large domestic and global b2b businesses, whatever your primary country.

b2b.store Enterprise utilises the existing, proven b2b.store architecture, paired with advanced customisation, automation and integration functionality.

With our language capabilities we can help companies around the world and already have in-language, in-country deployments in the UK, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Poland and many more. Whether you’re selling nationally to your own domestic market or exporting internationally to multiple locations, b2b.store Enterprise has the language capabilities and international communications features you need to sell more to your audience.

With the power of every feature of standard b2b.store unlocked, plus the customisation and integration options, b2b.store Enterprise truly gives large B2B businesses the power to provide a fully integrated user-friendly experience to their customers.

Integration with ERP softwares, for example, means that stock levels can reflect what’s in the warehouse with up-to-the-second accuracy. Bespoke pricing functionality, scaled to Enterprise level, means that you can handle millions of pricing variations for different customers and products.

Advanced BI reporting means that you can get accurate usage data on your eCommerce solution, allowing you to tailor advertising, offers, coupons and more.

b2b.store Enterprise offers enterprise businesses the best of all worlds; a system built on proven, standardised architecture, which recognises that enterprise requirements mean customisation and integration.

You can find out more about b2b.store Enterprise and what it can do for your business here.