BOOK A CALL is soon to be offering a new enhanced digital storefront for customers. The storefront will act as the homepage for customers logging in for the first time and enables wholesalers to ‘sell’ their business and encourage customers to sign up.

Rob Mannion founder and CEO of said, “We’re really excited about this new module. It’s something that our customers have been asking for as not everyone has an existing website and so this allows them to give more information about their business and encourage customers to sign up and start trading online. The module is being launched with three versions with Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers. This allows our customers to choose the level of support they need. 

“The bronze tier is available to all customers for free and enables them to build their own single page using the intuitive admin panel. If customers wish to upgrade to silver then will build that page for them. The gold tier is for customers who need a multi-page website creating. In this instance we will build them a Wordpress site.

“We were finding that many of our customers hadn’t yet got a web presence and so the existing login page didn’t offer enough information about their business. The new digital storefront acts as a selling tool for the wholesaler and can be tailored to each businesses requirements through the admin panel. This development is yet another example of how we listen to our customers and develop our product in line with their needs.”

If you’d like to find out more about the new module please get in touch with the team to discuss which tier will be right for your business.