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b2b.store the online and app eCommerce platform has released a series of upgrades to help wholesalers make the most of eCommerce opportunities during 2022.

New functionality includes payment on account, the integration of BEAM the industry’s leading engagement platform that allows wholesalers to create targeted adverts based on customer profile, location and transactional data; a live chat function; and account management capability that allows business development teams to place orders on behalf of customers when visiting stores.

Rob Mannion, founder and CEO of b2b.store, said: “Digital technology opens up a world of opportunities for wholesalers to increase operational efficiencies, personalise their customer’s experience and maximise sales. When we launched b2b.store, we committed to ensuring wholesalers of all sizes were able to access the latest, cutting-edge technology and also to developing the platform in response to customer feedback. This new release is the latest realisation of that promise.”

A new ‘live desk’ feature also provides live chat functionality, while the integration of BEAM  will help wholesalers deliver targeted adverts to customers, or run automated marketing based on a customer’s in-app activity, for example following up abandoned baskets above a certain value.

Rob continued: “The last couple of years have been some of the most challenging the sector has ever seen but those wholesalers that took the opportunity to adopt new technology are really beginning to see the benefits.

“Digital wholesaling isn’t just about providing customers with an online ordering platform but about improving wholesalers’ understanding of their customers to strengthen engagement and increase sales. As well as making it easy to accept and process orders any time, any place, it opens up a raft of different ways to improve business performance, from communicating more effectively to creating new revenue streams and even increasing operational efficiency.

“Listening to customer feedback is a key part of our development process and we’re looking forward to seeing our customers reap the benefits of these new features, as well as those we still have coming down the line.”

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