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October 14 2021

b2b.store & Sugro feature their partnership at the FWD conference

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The partnership between b2b.store and Sugro buying group featured at today’s FWD conference highlighting the incredible deal that is available to all Sugro members.

Sugro, the 2nd biggest buying group of wholesale companies in the British Isles, has partnered with b2b.store to deliver a compelling eCommerce offering for its members.

Sugro’s 80 independent wholesale members, who collectively supply over 16,000 individual retailers, have the option of building their own B2B eCommerce store, through b2b.store.

In support of their members, Sugro are covering the b2b.store licence fees for a period of 12 months. Furthermore, the Sugro IT team will be on hand to assist members in organising data and any other aspect of the build, prior to b2b.store creating the eCommerce experience.

This means that Sugro members can have a B2B eCommerce store up and running in a matter of weeks, with the costs covered by Sugro for the first 12 months, the store built by b2b.store and any IT or data problems at the member resolved by the Sugro IT team.

The initiative by Sugro represents good news for members and the sector as a whole. As B2B eCommerce grows in scale and scope, particularly in the wholesale sector, the options available for wholesalers can be daunting. By partnering with b2b.store, Sugro has removed further barriers to entry for their members when it comes to eCommerce.

To date, 10 wholesaler members of Sugro have already started the process of creating their eCommerce store, with two wholesalers already live and seeing quantifiable benefits.

b2b.store is allowing the members to streamline processes, by processing orders online, promoting items to their customers and acting on data, such as frequently ordered items and digital behaviour.

The independent retailers supplied by Sugro members also benefit. These businesses are now able to place orders online, quickly and easily, using repeat order functionality. Custom pricing, for individual customer discounts and agreements, is also available. With b2b.store’s further powerful eCommerce functionality, this means that Sugro members have the chance to rapidly increase overall order values.

Sugro’s compelling digital offering to its membership shows how much value it places on helping its 80 members to consolidate and grow, providing not just traditional support but a zero cost way of entering the eCommerce marketplace.