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Brand new BDM features you requested for b2b.store are arriving soon (plus: an insight into how you shape b2b.store development)

b2b.store is used by some of the very biggest global B2B businesses. Our platform has processed over £238m of client digital revenues in the last 12 months and is used by companies with global headquarters in 10 different countries.

But our approach to developing our software is a little different than most platforms our size.

Since the beginning we’ve built b2b.store by listening to what B2B businesses wanted from their eCommerce. It’s always been clear that many of the big names in B2C eCommerce had little to offer the B2B market and didn’t listen to the specific requirements B2B businesses needed.

We set out to listen to what you needed and develop software that did just that. And that’s still what we do now.

Increase your BDM’s reach, flexibility and close rates with b2b.store’s BDM functionality (launched Summer 2021)

A short while ago we heard from many of you that you wanted functionality to enable traditional road-based BDMs to take eCommerce orders whilst they were with customers.

Customers could, of course, make use of the existing eCommerce functionality, but there were always going to be sectors and individual customers who wanted to see a rep. When this happened, typically the order was still made via spreadsheet or paper and the rep would call in the order afterwards to someone who would have to rekey it, back at the office.

To meet this need you helped us to create a Sales Rep Module, which is currently available on  Growth, Accelerator and Enterprise pricing levels.

Using the functionality, your sales reps can place orders straight into the system on behalf of customers, streamlining order taking in the same way the eCommerce system does for client users.

Additionally, sales reps also have the power to adjust pricing and write notes against how and why those prices were adjusted, aiding them in closing sales and helping with future negotiations.

Users of the Sales Rep Module have found that they’ve gained further sales, no longer restricted to the number of customers who want to use the eCommerce platform themselves. They’ve also found it easier to onboard their BD team, because the team were able to see that the eCommerce plan directly involved them, rather than excluded them.

But there’s more…

Coming soon: create new accounts on the road, quoting, partition data, flexible deliveries in BDM version 2 (launching Q1 2022)

With new users live and active on the Sales Rep licence option, you let us know what you wanted to see in the future..

Because we react to build the features that will make a real difference to you, the Sales Rep Module has had some updates to enable your reps to sell even more.

  • Partitioning. Different B2B reps in different areas and sectors have different levels of ability to negotiate prices with their customers. You will shortly be able to restrict the ability of one rep to see another rep’s pricing.

  • Create new users. When launching a new eCommerce stuff there’s often some education that needs to happen for customers to become aware of and familiar with the functionality. Reps can also find new customers whilst out on the road. This option will allow reps to create new accounts within the eCommerce as they need to, whether that’s for customers who want the option to order directly or for new customers the rep has found and closed.
  • Quotes. Reps will also have the ability to create quotes to leave with customers. Quotes can also be appended to existing orders when they are accepted.
  • Multiple delivery addresses. Reps may meet with clients at a head office which then orders for multiple locations. This functionality will allow reps to define different delivery addresses for single orders.
  • More b2b.store functionality. We’re adding more of the native b2b.store functionality into the Sales Rep licence, so that reps have even more freedom and flexibility to close more sales on the road.

The only dedicated B2B ecommerce platform where you shape the future

The new Sales Rep functionality is a great example of how we develop b2b.store. The best ideas of how we can improve what we offer come from you: the B2B businesses who use our platform on a daily basis. Have you spotted something that’s missing from b2b.store or from your current platform of choice? We want to hear about it and, in all likelihood, we’ll then want to build it.