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February 8 2021

b2b.store joins forces with Comtec to to create international B2B eCommerce offer

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b2b.store the B2B eCommerce platform for wholesalers and distributors has joined up with translation agency Comtec to develop a Spanish language version of the platform

Rob Mannion founder and CEO of b2b.store said, “I had been talking to a potential customer in South America for quite a while and, while they loved our product and wanted to trial it, they felt that the app being in English was a potential barrier to its success. We decided that it was worth investing in translation services to ensure the trial had the best chance to succeed.

“I’ve known the team from Comtec for a number of years, having met Sophie on the Goldman Sachs 10k programme in 2012. Given their reputation and the fact they are based just around the corner from our offices, they seemed the perfect choice. We have been working hard together on getting b2b.store translated into Spanish and it’s now ready for launch.”

b2b.store is an eCommerce platform designed specifically for B2B markets. It works across web and app and is a subscription-based offer meaning there is a low entry cost compared to traditional eCommerce systems.

Rob continued: “Following the success of this translation, we now have plans to translate b2b.store into a number of other languages with Comtec’s help enabling us to expand our offer to multiple countries. This partnership signifies an exciting moment in b2b.store’s expansion. Not only can wholesalers from around the world access our service, but UK wholesalers can also now have an in-country, in-language eCommerce presence themselves.”

“We're thrilled to be supporting Rob and the RNF team to expand into new markets,” said Sophie Howe, Director of Comtec. "It's always a pleasure to work with fellow ambitious SMEs and look forward to our continued partnership."

If you're interested in additional language options for your eCommerce then please get in touch with the b2b.store team here.