BOOK A CALL has launched its latest exciting development in the form of a customer engagement module. The module allows businesses to communicate with their customers in a targeted way through a number of different channels. 

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Rob Mannion founder & CEO explained, “Communicating with customers within your B2B eCommerce platform is a powerful way to drive up sales, engagement and loyalty. Through the simple admin panel you can now send rich push notifications (image/video based) with SMS, email or even WhatsApp coming soon. These messages can be scheduled and targeted to individual customers, specific segments or the entire customer base. And really excitingly you can now also A/B test all notifications through each channel to enable you to learn what is and isn't working and improve your comms.

Rob continues, “We have used our experience and tech from our award-winning BEAM platform that was developed in conjunction with InnovateUK. customers can now quickly and easily set up marketing campaigns through the admin panel and reap the benefits of increased basket sizes, better customer service and ultimately loyalty. This coupled with the advertising capabilities of make it unique in the sector and a powerful business tool for our customers.”

If you’d like to find out more about and its product roadmap please get in touch with the team