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May 19 2022

Grow your sales with our powerful advertising module

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b2b.store has launched a brand new powerful advertising module using all its knowledge and understanding from their award-winning BEAM platform that was developed under RNF (b2b.store’s previous name). The new module is an exciting development for the b2b.store as it opens up a raft of new functions that are unique to the sector.


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Rob Mannion b2b.store founder & CEO explained, “BEAM has been powering the in-app advertising for our customers for a number of years. It was initially developed with support from InnovateUK and has picked up a number of awards since its launch. The Beam Platform has empowered wholesalers to send over 33m push notifications since its initial launch in 2016. 

“Since launching the b2b.store eCommerce platform in 2020, it was always our intention  to migrate the functionality from Beam to b2b.store which we have now done. We haven’t just lifted the features over, we have significantly enhanced the advertising and notification capability to now allow clients to segment marketing by client type, or target ads by historical transactional activity. 

“The module is being launched with three versions with Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers to represent different levels of advertising capabilities. All our b2b.store customers can access the bronze version of the module for free and can then upgrade to silver or gold if they want to introduce more sophisticated features.

Rob continues, “The benefits of this are massive for wholesalers. It allows them to set up targeted advertising campaigns to drive up sales and even build new revenue streams in the form of supplier advertising revenues. Ads can be targeted to specific customer segments or even personalised. The user interface for this functionality is intuitive and simple to use meaning anyone within the business can start creating powerful advertising campaigns without the need for external support.”

This latest product release is another example of how the platform is constantly evolving in line with customer requirements and there will be many new features being delivered throughout the course of the year.

If you’d like to find out more about b2b.store and its product roadmap please get in touch with the team