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March 10 2021

b2b.store is just the tonic for One Stop Pharmacy

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Willenhall-based One Stop Pharmacy has joined forces with b2b.store to launch an eCommerce platform that allows healthcare providers to order medicines and other pharmaceutical supplies online, any time.

The platform, which also enables One Stop Pharmacy’s customers to see previous orders, product availability and pricing information in real time, has been launched to help healthcare providers manage their orders at a time and place that’s convenient to them, improving efficiency for everyone.

Parmod Sharma, managing director of One Stop Pharmacy, said: “The platform has been well received by our customers, who have welcomed the product access, pricing information and seamless 24:7 ordering it offers.

“We decided to work with b2b.store to create our e-commerce offer as it is designed specifically for the distributor community. The platform works across mobile, tablet and desktop computers - synchronising in real time and, as well as streamlining the ordering process, it also offers valuable new ways to communicate with our customers.

“The team at b2b.store provided dedicated support to get the platform up and running, tailoring it to include a variety of features needed to meet our regulatory requirements, such as automatic log-out, individual user names for nurses/doctors, and specific product categories. We’re very pleased with the results and plan to work together to develop more sector-specific features that will further enhance this offer for our customers.”

Rob Mannion, founder and CEO of b2b.store, added: “b2b.store was designed to allow wholesalers and distributors across a range of sectors develop a bespoke eCommerce offer for their customers quickly and effectively. Digital has been one of the main growth channels for several years now but the impact of Covid-19 has accelerated the move to digital.

“As well as offering customers an eCommerce platform that works - and synchronises - across mobile, desktop and tablet, digital commerce allows customers such as One Stop Pharmacy, to communicate more effectively with their customers, tailoring their offers and ensuring that communications take place in a timely and contextually relevant way. For example, if a customer runs a clinic on a certain day of the week - and typically orders specific items for that clinic - the platform might send notifications about relevant promotions at that time. We’re delighted the eCommerce platform has been well received by One Stop Pharmacy’s customers and look forward to working with them to help grow their business.”

If you'd like to find out more about how b2b.store could help your business grow please get in touch using the link below.