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February 16 2023

Seven reasons why WhatsApp Business Platform is best for wholesalers

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Customers regularly ask why the paid-for version of WhatsApp is worth the investment – here's why

A common question we get when we’re talking about B2B WhatsApp is the difference between our service and the free consumer version several businesses are already using. The simple answer is, we’re using WhatsApp Business Platform.

It’s the lesser-known of the three WhatsApp versions and is the only one that isn’t available to download for free in app stores (the consumer version and WhatsApp Business are), but is souped-up to offer much greater functionality to the user.

1. It's made with medium- and large-size businesses in mind

In short, WhatsApp Business Platform is aimed at medium- and large-sized businesses, whereas WhatsApp Business is for small businesses and the consumer version is simply for social messaging. While some wholesalers do use the free versions already, they are limited and the lack of functionality can become negative under the wrong circumstances.

2. WhatsApp Business Platform creates secure one-to-one conversations

A WhatsApp group is a great social tool, but it’s not fit for purpose in a business setting. Creating a group of customers might sound like a good idea initially, but it can quickly become like the wild west, with everyone being able to view and reply to the message – and no control over where the conversation goes.

WhatsApp Business Platform offers the same ability to send one message to customers at scale, but automatically creates a secure one-to-one conversation to ensure any replies are kept private.

3. There's no limit to the number of customers one message can hit

There’s no such thing as too many on WhatsApp Business Platform with no maximum limit to the number of people your messages can reach. It means one message can hit thousands of customers, rather than having to re-send multiple times to avert capacity limits.

There are caps on the other versions of WhatsApp, with broadcasts topped at only 256 and open groups stopping at 1,024 – although as point two highlights, more doesn’t necessarily mean better in that environment.

4. WhatsApp Business Platform has extra functions

WhatsApp Business Platform is the most powerful of the three WhatsApp versions and with the right development, it can easily become a one-stop shop for all the wholesalers’ needs. For example, our adaptation of the technology will integrate ordering and accounting software to offer one-tap reordering, add promoted products to basket, and account management capabilities from the WhatsApp channel. In addition to this, messages can be scheduled and customer service chatbots introduced to make for a slick, well-rounded hub for B2B businesses.


5. Channels can be tailored to a specific audience

WhatsApp Business Platform has to be integrated into a system (such as b2b.store’s dashboard) to be used, so pairing with a provider is crucial. The positive of that is it means functionality can be tailored specifically for a sector, with b2b.store’s adaptation currently focused on wholesalers, offering the ability to distribute custom pricing models, segmentation and sharing promotions.

6. Customers can sign themselves up to a WhatsApp Business API channel

In the free versions of WhatsApp, messages can only be sent to contacts already saved in your phone. But with WhatsApp Business Platform, customers can join the channel themselves by scanning a QR code or following a link to trigger an automated message that opts them in to all future messages. Voila!

7. WhatsApp Business API offers greater credibility

Businesses require verification and a more complete profile in order to use WhatsApp Business Platform, offering more credibility to a wholesaler who is sending messages. This process also makes the paid-for version of WhatsApp more secure because it becomes trickier for people to mimic a business account to send bogus messages.