Drive users back to your eCommerce with highly
engaging personalised comms


Our engagement module can be used in conjunction with the eCommerce platform, or it can be integrated to your existing eCommerce environment.

Client engagement is an important part of your strategy as it can be used to drive users back to your ordering environment, make them aware of what you are selling and notify them of specific offers you may have. Until recently this was all done via push notifications and in-app messaging. However, has now integrated with the WhatsApp's Business Platform, meaning you can reach customers who have WhatsApp even when they're not using your app.

Why is user engagement important?

Sending digital notifications to your clients via in-app messages, push notifications or WhatsApp is a powerful way of keeping your eCommerce environment at the forefront of your customers minds.

Our data overwhelmingly shows that the recipients of these messages are much more likely to interact with content, if it is relevant to them and if the notification contains compelling content such as imagery alongside the message. 

What exactly is

Supercharge your messaging

The engagement module allows users to send notifications in a number of ways. Our standard product delivers "rich" messages either via in-app messaging or WhatsApp which can be accessed from a notification centre that is accessible from within your eCommerce. For clients that have native apps, can deliver Rich Push notifications too. 

We have also developed a number of wholesaler specific WhatsApp pre-approved templates to speed up the process and ensure you can make the most of the unique integration.

A "Call To Action" (CTA)  can be associated with the notification such as "Add to Basket" and a product or a list of products can be linked to the notification meaning customers can immediately purchase the product you are promoting.

Your WhatsApp messaging can also be integrated to legacy systems such as eCommerce and accounts packages to provide automated updates to your clients.


Custom WhatsApp Chatbots can develop custom chatbots for customers to use on WhatsApp. These chatbots can be developed to facilitate a number of processes, saving you time and money. Everything from the registration of a new customer, to providing customer service, to enabling a customer to self-serve their account or even working out which offers to send to a given customer - whatever you want to automate, we can facilitate it.

Who is for?

For SME B2B businesses who want to get started online or enterprise customers who want to evaluate

For businesses who want an online experience built specifically for B2B environments not B2C ones. 

For B2B businesses who want all of the functionality of advanced online experiences with none of the complexity.