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Get to grips with the power of b2b.store's modules

b2b.store's services are formed into five modules – B2B WhatsApp, B2B Open Banking, B2B eCommerce, B2B Digital Advertising and B2B Credit Control. These modules can be subscribed to individually and can also be integrated to existing eCommerce systems. Here's what they can do for you.

B2B WhatsApp

Leverage B2B WhatsApp to communicate directly with your customers and share promotions, catalogues, credit control functions and more. All fully integrated to b2b.store or into your own eCommerce platform.

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B2B Open Banking

Reduce the burden of credit card and cash-handling costs by adopting B2B Open Banking, a quick and secure method of receiving customer payment straight into your business bank account.

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B2B eCommerce

The deployment of a slick and intuitive B2B-focused ordering solution that drives sales, or integrate other b2b.store modules to your existing eCommerce.

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B2B Digital Advertising

Powerful in-app advertising that you can control to drive sales and unlock supplier advertising revenues.

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Split testing

b2b.store's split testing capability allows wholesalers to simultaneously judge the effectiveness of marketing collateral – including adverts, calls to action, product images and descriptions – to find approaches that will deliver the best results.

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