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b2b.store Enterprise harnesses the power of our architecture and pairs it with advanced customisation, automation and integration functionality to meet the needs of global B2B businesses.

With b2b.store Enterprise, we specialise in helping global B2B businesses deliver outstanding ecommerce experiences to their customers. Each ecommerce store is highly tailored, customised and integrated with your existing systems, so that you can handle large volumes of data and complicated functionality specifications. Whether it is millions of lines of custom pricing or direct two-way integration with ERP software, b2b.store Enterprise is the robust, B2B-specific solution for your advanced ecommerce requirements.

What is b2b.store Enterprise?

b2b.store Enterprise uses b2b.store’s existing architecture to develop customised, integrated, global ecommerce experiences for the largest B2B companies.

By basing your solution around the existing b2b.store code, we deliver fully integrated solutions at speed, even when your requirements are particularly complex. 

Using b2b.store to scale and support the bespoke elements of your build, you can deliver user-friendly experiences to both customers and colleagues, streamlining processes with advanced automation and increasing total order values.

What exactly is b2b.store?
active-businesses-icon-3 17,000 Monthly active businesses
monthly-order-value-icon £23m Monthly order value
world_icon 10 Countries

A global ecommerce solution

b2b.store Enterprise is designed to work globally, in any location and is already deployed locally, in language, around the world.

Our language experts will translate your store so that you can sell in language, in market quickly and in the right way. Stores are already operational in South American Spanish, European Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and English.

Whether your business is a national supplier to any market or an exporter into any market, b2b.store Enterprise has both the features and the language you need to sell more.


Who is Enterprise for?


For enterprise-level national suppliers, no matter what your primary country and language.
For exporters who need multiple online stores in multiple languages.
For global businesses who have the desire to sell in-country and in-language.

What features can you expect with Enterprise?


Advanced Custom Pricing

Handle millions of lines of pricing variations with ease.

Multi Depot Capability

As many locations as you need, from day one.


ERP Integration Capability

We know how vital it is that your ecommerce talks to you ERP.

Unrivalled Business Intel

Your business is complex, so your BI needs extending beyond who’s ordering what.

Barcode Scanning Capability

Link your ecommerce to your barcode scanning, stock levels and ordering.


Promotions & Ads

Complete control over ads, carousels, promotions and coupons.



Advanced integration means your ecommerce knows everything that’s happening elsewhere in seconds.

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Customer Engagement


Send automated marketing campaigns via email, SMS and web push.

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Field Sales



Empower you sales teams to order for their customers via b2b.store.