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b2b.store makes it fast and easy for you to set up in-country, in-language eCommerce sites. Research shows that exporters making use of language capabilities are 30% more successful in exporting than those who do not. And that is especially true if you also set up a dedicated website.

How does the b2b.store export offer work?

We set up an international URL for you such as wholesalerfr.b2b.store or wholesalerde.b2b.store where you can direct your customers. The site is then fully translated into the local language by our translation agency partner Comtec.

We do not rely on automated translation tools as they can deliver poor results. We have also created a number of features to help you sell in your chosen country, such as targeted messaging and in country discount codes. We believe this makes our offer one of the best export ecommerce platforms out there.

How long will it take to go live?

If the language you want to use already exists, then your international ecommerce platform can be up and running within a month of you providing your product and customer data. If the language does not already exist then we would need approximately two additional weeks to get the translation done.

Which languages do you currently support?

English US
Mexican Spanish

What does it cost and can I get any support?

See our pricing plans for details of our costs for your international ecommerce platforms.

There are some government grants available which may be able to cover some of your costs. Talk to one of our sales team who can walk you through how to apply.

How do I get started?

If you have an Account Manager in country, contact us here.

If you want to explore a country, but don’t have an account manager, contact us here.