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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know.

We offer a b2b specialist eCommerce platform designed for wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers.

b2b.store is a Progressive Web App (PWA). In short, this is second generation web technology allowing you to have the same feel on the web as you do on a mobile. The b2b.store PWA interacts with the phones hardware to give the feel and act like an app including the ability to integrate with the phones camera for Barcode Scanning. The b2b.store team are more than happy to discuss this in more detail (its something we are particularly proud of!)

b2b.store is a product brought to you by RNF Digital, the UK’s leading provider of wholesaler digital offerings. We have around 100 customers and in the last 12 months our customer app’s have processed £225m in revenues.

Yes, we can create b2b.store eCommerce sites in any country and in any language just like Amazon. Furthermore, an in-country, in-language site can be deployed at zero setup cost.

Yes, we can create b2b.store eCommerce sites in any country and in any language just like Amazon. Furthermore, an in-country, in-language site can be deployed at zero setup cost.

There are no limits and you are free to sell, as much as you want with no extra charges.

There are many ways we integrate depending on your levels of sophistication. Some businesses will manually send us a product csv, and others will integrate using an API. Talk to us so we can help formulate an integration strategy which works for you.

We offer a freemium model with zero start up costs. This allows you up to £1,000 of sales a month without charge. You may take this opportunity just to evaluate the solution, or if your monthly sales remain within this you can stay on the freemium model for as long as you like.

Yes, we support business of all sizes from £100k turnover to £2.5b. Our team will work with you to establish the best value and appropriate solution to meet your enterprise needs.

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On average our customers go live in 30 days from contract signature.

We have an increasing range of features which address four areas. Customer experience features increase the speed your customers can order and re-order from you; Marketing features empower you to sell and promote your products; operational efficiencies allow you to save cost; and Business Intelligence allows you to truly understand how your eCommerce environment is performing.

At this point in time, our customers host their images. Our customer success team can work with you to offer a handful of cost effective solutions to get your images hosted.

b2b.store can integrate to any ERP system, just as long as the ERP supplier is happy to integrate to us. Most forward thinking ERP suppliers are now happy to integrate with outside specialist partners because it allows them to focus on what they are good at i.e. delivering their ERP roadmap!

No ERP? No problem. You can simply upload your product file in CSV format to your b2b.store control panel and you can start trading. 

>Absolutely! We have wholesalers in all 4 corners of the world using the solution.

Certainly can, we currently have EUR, Peso, GBP, USD and many more.

Of course! Our PWA platform can be upgraded to the app stores. We have been developing apps for many global brands for years. The biggest advantage to upgrading is that you will be able to benefit from sending push notifications to your customers. Talk to us to learn more.  

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Our commercial model scales with your business, so some customers are happy to use the free service, but the vast majority go onto subscribe to our paid service. We have a very simple model which means that you can evaluate the service for free and as you sell more move up the tiers. If you are looking for more complex functionality, then speak to one of our sales team to get a bespoke quote.

We do! Its a great opportunity to look into how your customers are interacting with your business. We can provide stats on things like, how many abandoned baskets there are, who has looked at what, who has searched for what? All great information to make tweaks to your store to allow you to sell more!

We do not take commission from your sales unlike some b2b eCommerce suppliers. 

Absolutely, we have used our years of marketing experience to create Digital Marketing features to maximise revenues from suppliers. Alternatively, if you just want to focus on selling, we can do the advertising for you. Speak with one of our sales team to discuss how this works.

We have the option to run a monthly contract which you can opt out of any time. Some of our customers like to fix their costs for the next 12 months so look for longer commitments. We are flexible, just speak to the team and we can work something out!

Since b2b.store was launched in March 2020 we have consistently delivered a MAJOR new software release every single month. And this is our commitment to you, you have a chance to be part of a contribute to a rapidly growing eco-system. For us, customer retention is absolutely key and the way we will succeed is by delivering what our customers need.

Really good question, although are development team are great at creating ideas, we are always looking for ideas and features for our roadmap. Speak with your Customer Success Manager and they will be able to feed this back into the roadmap.