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The flexible way to integrate

A real benefit of b2b.store is its flexibility with regards to integrating with your existing systems. The platform can integrate with almost every business system used by wholesalers and distributors ensuring your customers have up-to-date information when placing orders and you receive orders directly into your ordering system.

Simple to integrate

Our onboarding team will work closely with you to get your personal integration up and running. We’ll talk you through what is required and even work directly with your ERP partners, if required, to ensure a seamless process. It’s straightforward, flexible and unlike some systems ensures you can be up and running in no time at all.



Fully flexible

For those who don’t want an integration with their back office systems b2b.store can be managed through our self-service module. You choose how you want our system to work not the other way around.

Completely secure

b2b.store understands the importance of privacy and security. All b2b.store data is stored in highly secure AWS data centres and transferred using the latest encryption standards.



b2b.store is structured so that our technology can integrate with the software that’s already key to how your business runs. It works seamlessly with multiple technologies including the following ERP providers

SAP Merlin Sage STL Sanderson Openwise MicrosoftDynamics