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Launch your own B2B eCommerce store in an instant.

With b2b.store Self Service all sizes of B2B business can create their own online eCommerce store, with our advanced functionality and an easy-to-follow wizard.

b2b.store features a unique self service option designed to get you trading online as quickly and easily as possible. Use it to launch your store or simply evaluate our platform. Our pricing starts from free, so anyone can get started using the self service functionality, whether you’re a B2B SME or an established enterprise business.

By pairing our advanced architecture and functionality with our self service technology, you can build your own store in a matter of hours and be selling online to your customers within days. Supercharge your business growth with repeat orders, product carousels and more, as used by some of the biggest B2B businesses. Self service users can get started today on our Free, Starter, Growth and Accelerator pricing plans.

What is b2b.store self service?

b2b.store Self Service is new functionality that allows you to create your own eCommerce store, from scratch, using a simple wizard. 

By following the step-by-step instructions, you can create and launch your own online B2B eCommerce store, simply by adding your products and following a few simple steps; our architecture will handle the rest.

We’ve designed it to be the easiest, cheapest and fastest route to an online eCommerce store for B2B businesses, without sacrificing the advanced b2b.store functionality that allows you to sell more.

Use self service to launch your store or evaluate our platform.

What exactly is b2b.store?

Join the online world - create your store now

Our self service functionality means SME B2B businesses can get started with a store straight away or Enterprise businesses can explore our technology with a free trial. We know you might have talked about moving online before and maybe you’ve even tried your own launch. Maybe the time has never been right, or the solutions always seemed too complicated or not tailored enough to your business.


Built for B2B

b2b.store is solely and specifically a B2B solution, which means everything in your store speaks your language… and more importantly the language of your customers. Self service makes getting started simple. Just click ‘create store now’, follow a few simple steps, enter your products and pricing and your store will launch at a b2b.store web address of your choosing. As soon as you tell customers where your store is you can start accepting online orders. It really is as simple as that.

Who is b2b.store self service for?

For SME B2B businesses who want to get started online or enterprise customers who want to evaluate b2b.store.

For businesses who want an online experience built specifically for B2B environments not B2C ones. 

For B2B businesses who want all of the functionality of advanced online experiences with none of the complexity.