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The b2b.store eCommerce solution is fast to set up and intuitive to use.

b2b.store is an eCommerce platform designed specifically for B2B environments.
Many eCommerce solutions in the B2B space were originally designed to address the B2C world. But whilst B2B eCommerce obviously has some similarities to B2C, there are critical differences between the two. Our decade-long history with B2B-sector markets has led us to a deep understanding of these differences. This has resulted in our exclusive focus on a B2B proposition.

What exactly is b2b.store?

b2b.store is the B2B specific eCommerce software solution that enables wholesalers and distributors of all sizes to offer 24/7 digital ordering to their customers across mobile, tablet and desktop.

The basic service is completely free of charge for businesses that process up to £12,000/annum and can be up and running within 24 hours of receiving product and customer data files. There is then a monthly subscription for businesses processing over £12,000/annum. We also have an enterprise offer details of which can be found here. b2b.store is a white label eCommerce platform meaning it is pre-built and can be branded as if it were your own business.

Who is behind b2b.store?

It has been created by the team that developed the UK’s first ever ordering app on behalf of Bestway Cash and Carry – a £2.5b turnover business.
We continue to work closely with the Bestway Group to this day and our extensive portfolio of over 80 apps for online wholesale suppliers has processed over £230m in revenues in the last 12 months alone.

Who is behind b2b.store?

Why do I need it?

Digital is the fastest growing channel in retail. And the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this growth even more. Being able to offer online ordering to your customers is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ it’s a ‘must-have’. Add to that the following facts and you quickly see that getting online is crucial to future proof your business:-
73 %
of b2b buyers are millennials accustomed to high-quality digital services
42 %
of goods are now delivered, so your digital proposition is increasingly important
£ 1,200
is the average app basket for grocery wholesale vs an in-depot average of £500

Manual order-taking is less effective and more expensive than customer-driven digital ordering, not to mention the issues created by the pandemic.

[1] Research by Meri 2016 [2] Research from HIM 2019

How is it different?

Previously, in order to create a high-quality digital offer, businesses needed to invest in an expensive eCommerce website and then, in order to deliver the best possible mobile experience, develop separate native apps for each mobile platform e.g. iOS and Android.

b2b.store has been built using Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. PWA’s are fast becoming the next generational advancement in Web technology. First generation websites worked on desktop computers only, second generation technology websites were then optimised to work on mobile screens as well as desktop, but PWA’s are what we describe as the third generation web experience. They work on mobile and desktop plus they offer multiple benefits that were previously only obtainable with app technology.

The technology means wholesalers and distributors now only need one app to work across all platforms. One app means just one set of code to be maintained across desktop, mobile and tablet versions, which massively reduces both set-up and ongoing maintenance costs.

“One app means just one set of code”

“One app means just one set of code”

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

PWA technology is a new generation of mobile optimised services meaning that many of the benefits of a traditional app you find in the apps stores can now be realised via a PWA at a fraction of the cost. Customers can start an order on their mobile phone, then complete it on their desktop at a later date. It gives you the flexibility of a single solution that will work for all customers no matter what device they wish to use.

This new generation of PWA offers far greater functionality than older versions, including camera access, in-app messaging and the ability to continue working offline when network connections are poor. The app icon can also be dragged onto the mobile phone home screen and so for your customers it looks and feels just like an app store app.

Is it really free?

We have designed b2b.store in this way to ensure it is a risk-free offer for wholesalers and distributors, as well as highly scalable. You can start with the free version and see if it works for you without any financial outlay. All we require from you is your product and customer list in a csv format. Then once you are processing a certain number of orders you move onto our subscription model.

For bigger businesses processing over £500,000/annum we have an enterprise offer specifically designed for the complex requirements of larger businesses.

How does it work with my existing systems?

We have a number of different ways to work with your existing systems depending on your individual requirements.