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April 14 2023

b2b.store's B2B eCommerce services and functions

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The key features that adopting B2B eCommerce can offer wholesalers looking to make the most of online sales

There's no question that it's crucial for wholesalers to have an online-ordering capability nowadays. But it's not necessarily as simple as taking the first one they find, as it's important to make sure it can do what you and – more importantly – your customers want it to achieve.

Our white-label B2B eCommerce solution is popular with droves of wholesalers around the world because it's tailored to the B2B market, offering an array of services that a wholesaler needs for online success. Check out our extensive list of B2B eCommerce module features below to get a flavour of what's on offer. 

B2B eCommerce module features

Unlimited Products                                                           Unlimited Categories

Category Images                                                               Customer Landing Page

Customer Registration                                                     Auto-Email New Customer Logins

Create Lists                                                                        Create Favourites

Copy Previous Orders                                                      Most Popular Products

Previously Purchased Tile                                               Was/Now Pricing

Order By Weight                                                               Minimum Order Value

Custom About Screen                                                     Custom Menu Links

Social Media Links                                                            View Account Info

Customisable Checkout Notice                                     Customer Sales Ledger

Custom Domain                                                               Promotional Tile

Special Offer Tile                                                              Multiple Delivery Addresses

Barcode Scanning                                                           Native App Upgrade

ERP Integration                                                                Bespoke Customer Checkout Notices

Customer Fulfilment Options                                       Customisable Order Notes

Order Summary                                                              Customisable Order Email

Order Email Download                                                  Business Intelligence Standard

Multiple Admin Logins                                                   International Stores

Alternative Currencies                                                   Online Support

CSV File Import (Manual)                                              Customer Success Manager

Bulk Image Hosting                                                        Nutritional Data for Food Lines

Display Stock Levels                                                       Minimum Quantity

Bespoke Customer Pricing                                           Custom Product Descriptions

Custom Product Ranges                                                Standard Advertising

Category Advertising                                                     Product Carousels

Discount Codes                                                               Payment Gateway

Live Chat (third-party licence required)                      eCommerce Marketing (third-party licence required)

For a full overview of what our eCommerce solution can offer your business, visit our B2B Commerce solutions page