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The B2B eCommerce platform is a high-performance ordering and marketing solution designed exclusively to support B2B trading

 Our decade-long history of working exclusively in the B2B space has given us a deep understanding of what is required for wholesalers to successfully trade digitally with other businesses. B2B trading is significantly different to B2C, so you need a partner that understands this and can deliver a platform tailored to B2B needs. 

B2B eCommerce platforms need to support many differences to B2C, such as payment on account, bulk ordering or ordering by different units such as weight. Account management functionality is also critical for B2B, as is credit control and assisting cash flow.

What exactly is B2B eCommerce?

The B2B eCommerce platform offers a solution for B2B businesses to offer 24/7 digital ordering to their customers across mobile, tablet and desktop. It empowers wholesalers' customers to self-serve and place orders for products at significantly less cost than traditional methods such as telesales or sales representatives.  

The subscription-based service can be evaluated quickly without significant upfront cost and regularly delivers free features to its customers. It is a white-label platform meaning it is pre-built and can be branded as if it were your own business.

B2B eCommerce can be significantly upgraded by combining additional b2b.store modules, including B2B WhatsAppB2B digital advertising and B2B credit control.

What is b2b.store eCommerce?

Who is behind b2b.store?

It has been created by the team that developed the UK’s first-ever ordering app on behalf of Bestway Wholesale – a £2.5 billion turnover business.
We continue to work closely with the Bestway Group and our extensive portfolio of more than 80 apps for online wholesale suppliers has processed more than £230 million in revenues in the past 12 months alone.

Who is behind b2b.store?

Why do I need B2B eCommerce?

Digital is the fastest-growing channel in retail and the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this growth even more. Being able to offer online ordering to wholesale customers is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ it’s crucial to future-proofing your business.
73 %
of B2B buyers are millennials accustomed to high-quality digital services
42 %
of goods are now delivered, so your digital proposition is increasingly important
£ 1,200
is the average app basket for grocery wholesale vs an in-depot average of £500

Manual order taking is less effective and more expensive than customer-driven digital ordering, not to mention the issues created by the pandemic.

[1] Research by Meri 2016 [2] Research from HIM 2019

How is B2B eCommerce different?

B2B eCommerce offers an alternative approach to traditional software development. As a subscription-based service, it is quick to evaluate with no large upfront cost. The product is fast evolving with new features frequently being delivered at no additional cost to the base subscription. 

b2b.store has built its eCommerce platform using Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. PWAs are fast becoming the next generational advancement in web technology. First-generation websites worked on desktop computers only, second-generation technology websites were then optimised to work on mobile screens as well as desktop, but PWAs are what we describe as the third-generation web experience. They work on mobile and desktop, and offer multiple benefits that were previously only obtainable with app technology.

The technology means wholesalers and distributors now only need one app to work across all platforms. One app means just one set of code to be maintained across desktop, mobile and tablet versions, which massively reduces both set-up and ongoing maintenance costs.

“One app means just one set of code”

“One app means just one set of code”

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

PWA technology is a new generation of mobile-optimised services, meaning many of the benefits of traditional apps found in app stores can now be realised via a PWA at a fraction of the cost. Customers can start an order on their mobile, then complete it on their desktop at a later date. It provides the flexibility of a single solution that will work for all customers, no matter which device they use.

This new generation of PWA offers far greater functionality than older versions, including camera access, in-app messaging and the ability to continue working offline when network connections are poor. The app icon can also be dragged onto a mobile phone home screen, so looks and feels like an app-store app.

Quickly evaluate b2b.store eCommerce

Unlike traditional software offerings, b2b.store eCommerce can be evaluated quickly without significant upfront cost. Contact adam.turner@b2b.store to provide a demo and a test environment for you to see for yourself the rich suite of business focused functionality b2b.store eCommerce provides.

How does B2B eCommerce work with existing wholesale systems?

The B2B eCommerce platform integrates with the vast majority of back-end systems, whether via API or through the secure transfer of CSV files. Contact us to learn more or request our technical integration guide. 

eCommerce module features

Unlimited Products
Unlimited Categories
Category Images
Customer Landing Page
Customer Registration
Auto-Email New Customer Logins
Create Lists
Create Favourites
Copy Previous Orders
Most Popular Products
Previously Purchased Tile
Was/Now Pricing
Order By Weight
Minimum Order Value
Custom About Screen
Custom Menu Links
Social Media Links
View Account Info
Customisable Checkout Notice
Customer Sales Ledger
Custom Domain
Promotional Tile
Special Offer Tile
Multiple Delivery Addresses
Barcode Scanning
Native App Upgrade
ERP Integration

Bespoke Customer Checkout Notices
Customer Fulfilment Options
Customisable Order Notes
Order Summary
Customisable Order Email
Order Email Download
Business Intelligence Standard
Multiple Admin Logins
International Stores
Alternative Currencies
Online Support
CSV File Import (Manual)
Customer Success Manager
Bulk Image Hosting
Nutritional Data for Food Lines
Display Stock Levels
Minimum Quantity
Bespoke Customer Pricing
Custom Product Descriptions
Custom Product Ranges
Standard Advertising
Category Advertising
Product Carousels
Discount Codes
Payment Gateway
Live Chat (third-party licence required)
eCommerce Marketing (third-party licence required