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A high-performance ordering and marketing solution designed exclusively to support the needs of B2B trading

B2B trading is significantly different to B2C, so you need a partner that understands this and can deliver a platform tailored to B2B needs – with payment on account, bulk ordering, account management, credit control and ordering by different units such as weight all of critical importance.

Our experienced team of world-class developers and integration experts can guide you to an efficient B2B-focused online-ordering platform that answers your needs.

What is B2B eCommerce?

B2B eCommerce offers a solution for B2B businesses to offer 24/7 digital ordering to their customers across mobile, tablet and desktop. It empowers wholesalers' customers to self-serve and place orders for products in a time efficient way.

Digital is the fastest-growing channel in retail, so offering online ordering is now a key part of any wholesale business.

b2b.store's subscription-based service can be set up quickly without significant upfront cost and regularly delivers free features to its customers. It is a white-label platform meaning it is pre-built and can be branded for your business.

What is b2b.store eCommerce?

Who is b2b.store?

B2B eCommerce has been created by the team that developed the UK’s first-ever ordering app on behalf of Bestway Wholesale – a £2.5 billion turnover business.

We continue to work closely with the Bestway Group and our extensive portfolio of more than 80 apps for online wholesalers processes more than £250 million in revenues every year.

Who is behind b2b.store?

What can I expect from B2B eCommerce?

B2B eCommerce offers an alternative approach to traditional software development. As a subscription-based service, it is quick to evaluate with no large upfront cost. The product is fast evolving with new features frequently being delivered at no additional cost to the base subscription.

One of the key recent developments is our Browse Store feature that allows wholesalers to show off their range to non-customers that visit their site – helping to recruit more people to sign up.

B2B eCommerce uses Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, which are the next generational advancement in web technology – working seamlessly across mobile, tablet and desktop. This also helps with back-end maintenance, with only one set of code to update. 

B2B eCommerce
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