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A unique part of b2b.store is the Business Intelligence our customers have access to through our BI tool. There is access to lots of data to help make important business decisions such as top sales periods, when customers are ordering, when they’re loading up baskets and top search queries to see which products your customers are looking for.

We've seen some interesting trends over the years with regards to how different categories are performing and even been witness to trends such as the rise in plant based foods.  Top search queries are always interesting so here are the top search terms for 2021 for both retail and foodservice customers:-

Retail: Monster, Lucozade, Volvic, Pepsi and Coke.
Foodservice: Butter, Bacon, Cheese, Peas and Tuna.

If you'd like to understand how our BI tool could help your business use data to grow then please get in touch with the team.