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June 19 2023

How effective is WhatsApp Business Platform?

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The figures to prove the potential that lies within your customers' smartphones

WhatsApp Business Platform is being used by companies of all shapes and sizes to improve their engagement and increase their revenue, but is it really delivering results that make it worth the investment?

Scour the internet for studies on WhatsApp usage and effectiveness, and you’ll find plenty of reports that provide positive proof points to show the potential reach and high engagement a good WhatsApp Business Platform can provide.

We’ve picked out some of the most compelling figures out there (including a couple from customers using our B2B WhatsApp solution) to provide that extra nudge to make kick off your own channel.

  • In Statista’s Global Consumer Survey, 80% of UK phone owners selected WhatsApp as their most-regularly used messaging service due to its immediacy and the ability to send multi-format messages at no extra cost
  • WhatsApp has more than two billion worldwide users and is the favourite application in 100+ countries
  • WhatsApp report a 98% open rate for its messages, compared to 22% for emails
  • Our B2B WhatsApp channels are registering a 91% open rate in the first 24 hours (excluding those users without read receipts turned on)
  • Users of our B2B WhatsApp solution have reported customers making 9% more spend after using WhatsApp compared to SMS
  • A Meta survey found 86% of businesses using business messaging says it generates higher engagement than email
  • A read on engagement showed there is between 45-60% click-through and conversion rate on WhatsApp

Want to find out more about our B2B WhatsApp solution? Then check out our solutions page or drop rob.mannion@b2b.store an email to find out more.