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Unlock the power of WhatsApp in your business

Communicate directly with each of your customers in the moments that matter most by introducing B2B WhatsApp into your wholesale business.

Thanks to b2b.store's development of the WhatsApp Business Platform technology, wholesalers can arm their business with a dedicated one-on-one channel that drives users back to your ordering environment.

WhatsApp is the world's leading communication platform – with an 82% market share in the UK alone – so using B2B WhatsApp to reach your customer base with product offers, promotions, catalogues and credit control will quickly become the backbone of your operation.

What is WhatsApp Business Platform?

WhatsApp Business Platform is the professional add-on to the consumer messaging app that is designed specifically for companies. WhatsApp Business Platform gives users greater credibility with their customers, with businesses requiring verification and a more complete business profile.

WhatsApp Business Platform directly engages with users of the free consumer messaging version of the app in a secure one-to-one channel, allowing for large segments of a company’s customer base to be communicated to at once in a controlled environment.

A variety of tools within WhatsApp Business Platform also offers a series of additional functions and features to make interactions more valuable.


How can B2B WhatsApp help wholesalers?

B2B WhatsApp can help wholesalers by integrating multiple functions within its channel, making for more efficient operations that save time and money.

b2b.store has created a number of templates that can be used to carry out the majority of a wholesaler’s most important business functions, from instantly delivering product offers, promotions and catalogues, to frictionless one-tap reordering and automated reminders triggered by payment terms with cost-effective bank transfer payments. This is backed up by an automated chatbot, which can offer support functions to users.

Combining the power of WhatsApp Business Platform and b2b.store’s knowledge of the technology, bespoke solutions can be provided to meet most wholesaler use cases – driving more sales, cutting costs and contributing to a more streamlined operation.


Custom WhatsApp Chatbots

b2b.store can develop custom chatbots for customers to use on WhatsApp. These chatbots can be developed to facilitate a number of processes, saving you time and money. Everything from the registration of a new customer, to providing customer service, to enabling a customer to self-serve their account or even working out which offers to send to a given customer - whatever you want to automate, we can facilitate it.