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Save thousands in card transaction fees each month with the slickest open banking solution in B2B

B2B Open Banking provides a highly adaptable open banking service that can be applied across a business to significantly reduce costs associated with card transactions and handling cash. b2b.store’s industry-leading solution can be quickly and easily integrated in order to set up a secure environment to process more cost-effective payments within days.

What is B2B Open Banking?

B2B Open Banking is a fully-managed service that allows wholesalers to accept payment by bank transfer. Open banking offers two principal advantages compared to debit, credit or corporate credit cards – the processing fees are cheaper than traditional payment methods; and money is paid into a business's account instantly.

The premise of B2B Open Banking is simple: it quickly triggers an extremely secure, online banking transaction, pre-populating the values and the business account a customer is paying.

B2B Open Banking is tailored to the needs of wholesalers and can be adopted quickly as an off-the-shelf solution or customised to fit a specific need, allowing businesses to target the areas where customers use card payments most.

B2B Open Banking

Where can B2B Open Banking be used in my business?

The team at b2b.store has used its expertise to tailor B2B Open Banking for use at numerous points of payment, allowing you to strip costs from all over your business.

  • In-depot/store environments

  • Taking payment over the phone

  • Adding to your email template

  • Payment on delivery

  • At the point of online payment

  • Credit control (invoices, payment reminders etc) 

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The power of B2B Open Banking

4,000+ Monthly Transactions
8x Cheaper Than Traditional Card Payments
50% Customer Uptake Achieved in Four Weeks
£150k+ Average quarterly savings
For further B2B Open Bankings terms and conditions and common queries, visit our FAQs page