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Send personalised messages direct to your audience on the world’s no.1 communication platform

Use the power of WhatsApp to support your company's marketing activities. Tap into WhatsApp’s unrivalled 98% message open rates to boost engagement with your business's promotional campaigns and updates.

With nearly 40 million WhatsApp users in the UK alone (two billion globally) and rapid read rates within 24 hours of sending messages, you can quickly get more eyes on your activity than with any other communications method. B2B WhatsApp gives businesses the power to send private WhatsApp messages at scale, while also tracking performance and adhering to compliance rules.


B2B WhatsApp marketing features

  • Send multimedia messages at scale with no limits on the number of people you can reach
  • Advanced reporting outlining metrics, including number of enquiries and speed of response
  • Schedule messages to be sent at times that will resonate best with your chosen audience
  • Add personalisation and segmentation to WhatsApp contacts
  • Link directly to an eCommerce platform of your choice to drive ROI and online sales
  • Ability to include up to three calls to action to each message, helping to deliver KPIs
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How does B2B WhatsApp work?

  1. Create a WhatsApp Business channel and invite users to join it
  2. Seamlessly integrate your new WhatsApp channel with B2B WhatsApp (which is powered by ProConnect Platform)
  3. Create impactful, interactive messages for your audience
  4. Schedule personalised content to be delivered to your subscribers of your channel
  5. Track and analyse campaign activity using advanced analytics to hone future messages

Why is WhatsApp communication so valuable?

  • More than two billion users in 100+ countries
  • 80% of UK phone users say WhatsApp is their most regularly used messaging service
  • Meta reports a 98% read rate for messages, compared to 22% for emails
  • 75% of people in Gartner survey say they want businesses to communicate by messaging
  • Meta survey found marketers using messaging saw a 58% increase in leads
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How effective is B2B WhatsApp?

  • Our customers' marketing channels have registered a 91% open rate in the first 24 hours (excluding those users without read receipts on)
  • Users of B2B WhatsApp have reported customers making 9% more spend after using WhatsApp, compared to SMS
  • B2B WhatsApp has one of the biggest uses of WhatsApp Business Platform in the UK, with a 22,000-strong marketing channel for convenience retailers