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December 20 2022

How B2B WhatsApp supports wholesale buying groups

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The benefits of adopting b2b.store's approach across a number of functions

B2B WhatsApp can have a transformative effect on a wholesaler's operations, but it can also have a positive impact on the way wholesale buying groups work – by adopting it themselves or getting tailored member offers.

b2b.store works with buying groups to find the best solutions depending on their size, need and target audience, employing a cocktail of modules and services that's right for each business.


Using B2B WhatsApp as a buying group

By introducing B2B WhatsApp into their business, buying groups can open a new, direct communication channel with their wholesale members – ensuring important messages are shared and seen quickly in a secure environment.

Whereas email and SMS alerts have become the norm to share central office comms, it can often take the intended recipient a long time to read messages and can easily be missed, whereas the immediacy of B2B WhatsApp makes it the perfect platform for key updates. WhatApp's sent and read notifications also help when it comes to reporting on the reach of messages.

Another benefit of using B2B WhatsApp is the interactive nature of its messages, with the ability to encourage recipients to act on updates by tapping on one of the automatic prompts to reply quickly, receive further information or be taken to a pre-programmed destination.

Tailored member offers

This capability extends beyond communicating with members, though, with b2b.store offering tailored membership offers to allow richer messages to be shared the wholesalers' customers too. And with 82% of the UK population using WhatsApp, it's the place to be.

While free versions of WhatsApp exist, the WhatsApp Business API that b2b.store has adapted means that instead of broadcasting messages to a group that everyone can see and reply to, every communication is in a private one-to-one message – despite only needing to send a single message to hit a potential audience of thousands.

With several additional functions available on B2B WhatsApp, including advertising and credit control modules, there's plenty for buying groups to benefit from.