The cost effective way to take payment now offers clients a complete payment service via Open Banking. We know that upward pressures on costs and the squeeze on business customers are combining to make these challenging times. Low cost and straightforward to install, the Open Banking solution will save wholesalers serious money on transactional acquiring charges. payment service is perfect for web, app and in-depot transactions offering a one-stage electronic payment with integrated invoice reconciliation. This is a super fast payment method that is great for customers while giving wholesalers clear visibility that monies have been received.

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Simple, fast and secure

It couldn’t be easier to use. Within on both mobile and desktop your customers will see a ‘pay’ button next to their account balance in the accounts section of the platform. If they want to pay off their balance they simply click the button and it will then allow them to select their bank and open their banking app.

The transaction is then completed within the banking app with all details pre populated. Payment is with you within minutes as opposed to days delivering improved cashflow.

It's completely secure as does not process any funds, this is all done directly between the customer’s bank and your business.



Talk to us to learn more's Open Banking solution can be used across your business both on and offline. Talk to us to learn more about how's payment service can support your business.