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March 21 2023

b2b.store contributes to 2023's Wholesale Online Report

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Insight supplied to help sector increase sales based on real data from wholesale web and app usage

b2b.store is featured in Lumina Intelligence's Wholesale Online Report after contributing to its creation by sharing insights and relevant best practice examples.

Lumina Intelligence's Wholesale Online Report offers various strategies that can aid businesses in achieving their objectives and remaining competitive in the wholesale market. The report includes valuable insights that can assist wholesalers and suppliers in optimising their marketing and promotional activities to effectively target customers.

The report also highlights the most cost-effective and efficient marketing methods through the wholesale online channel, assisting businesses in identifying the most-effective media types for driving sales and conversions. By understanding significant seasonal occasions and aligning their seasonal and promotional activities accordingly, wholesalers and suppliers can target customers when they are most receptive to marketing messages.

The report provides a comprehensive understanding of how retailers and operators interact with wholesalers' web apps, enabling businesses to identify areas for improvement in the user interface, navigation and overall design of their site or app. By implementing these changes, wholesalers and suppliers can increase their average order value and basket size while adhering to HFSS regulations.

The report also highlights the use of WhatsApp to increase reach and sales, as well as key market innovations and the potential growth of the wholesale online channel by 2024. By accessing forecast data for the next four years, businesses can future-proof their operations and understand the impact of the cost of living crisis on the wholesale channel.

The Lumina Intelligence's Wholesale Online Report is a valuable resource for wholesalers and suppliers looking to optimise their marketing and promotional activities. By implementing the strategies outlined in the report, businesses can effectively target customers, increase sales, comply with regulations, and future-proof their operations in a rapidly evolving market.

“This is a fascinating report that captures how much the wholesale sector is evolving in the online space," said b2b.store CEO Rob Mannion.

"A lot has changed in the past few years, especially when it comes to consumers’ digital usage, so it’s no surprise to see that seeping into B2B trends and technologies too. This year’s report feels like a step change to previous years and there’s lots of actionable insight in there that both wholesalers and suppliers will benefit from."

To buy the Wholesale Online Report 2023 or to get more information on it, visit the Lumina Intelligence website.