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September 8 2023

Five tips for delivering a successful digital roll-out

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How businesses can take the next step to embedding a new technology

It's a common story. You decide to introduce a new technology into your business, go through the steps to set everything up and think you're ready to reap the benefits of the project… but it doesn't work out like that.

While the successful implementation of any new digital solution is the first key hurdle to jump, it's not the only one. There are several other important points still to come to make sure the technology beds in and it is used as business-as-usual by your customers.

At b2b.store, we always help you to pick through this process, offering advice and sharing best practice that we've gathered from our knowledge of the technology and past experience working with similar projects. To give you an idea of what needs to be considered, we've pulled together our top five points for delivering a successful roll-out.

1. Have a plan

Implementing a new technology is only the first step, you need to put a strategy in place to ensure you achieve the best possible results. 

2. Grasp the rules

Different technologies are subject to several rules. It's crucial to have a full understanding of these to avoid bans or other issues. This is particularly important with B2B WhatsApp, where Meta's strict guidelines forbid topics that overtly promote alcohol or tobacco.

3. Communicate

Getting your customers on board is the key to success, so make sure they understand what, why and how to use a new technology. Helpful guides and walkthroughs can remove the mystique of the technology and make it much easier for customers to get to grips with it.

4. Hire an expert

Having a true digital guru on hand (whether in-house or external) will keep pushing your solution forward and help you stay ahead of the competition. Your expert will naturally be up to speed on new updates or rule changes that impact a piece of technology, and can often be beneficial in getting the most out of your new tech.

5. Keep learning

Technology never stands still, so keep testing to get a better understanding of best practice, while being mindful of success elsewhere.

b2b.store offers all of this additional service and strategy support as part of our modules. Find out more by emailing rob.mannion@b2b.store

Picture credit: Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash