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February 22 2023

Digital glossary: What is split testing?

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Getting the insight to improve online performance could be as easy as A, B, C

There are times when we all want more, it’s a basic human instinct. So when it comes to our eCommerce performance, it’s natural to always want to see the numbers improving. We want more engagement, more sales and – let’s be honest – more money.

And to help with that, we’ve added split testing (sometimes known as AB testing) to our B2B Digital Advertising module to allow wholesalers and suppliers the chance to test the effectiveness of any variable on an eCommerce platform.

Using the b2b.store dashboard, it’s possible to upload multiple versions of adverts, product imagery or copy to run simultaneously in the same position on an eCommerce environment to test which one is most successful.

In a straight test of two variables (AB testing), customers will be segmented at random with half seeing one version and the other half seeing the alternative – ensuring the fairest possible test of the two assets.

Instant results on the b2b.store dashboard will show which version is getting more engagement and generating more sales, providing valuable insight into how to improve performance in the future.

Step-by-step split testing

1. Upload what you want to test

It’s possible to test any variable on an eCommerce platform, whether it’s an advert, product image or copy description of a product. In this example, we’re testing a banner advert to find out if the ‘click here for more’ button is more effective than an advert without one. To start, we upload the two adverts to the eCommerce destination we’ve chosen to test before assigning the segments we want them to be shown to.

Upload v1

2. Run the test

Once both adverts are uploaded and assigned to segments, they will appear on an eCommerce platform at the same time – half of the visitors to the site will see the advert with the ‘click here for more’ button, the other half won’t.

Split testing_In situ 1

Split testing_In situ 2

3. See which version performs best

The split test will remain active for as long as you wish, with instant results appearing in the b2b.store dashboard. If one of the options is more effective than the other, the results will reflect that with greater interaction with the most popular. And voila, our example test shows us that a ‘click here for more’ button encourages more clicks than a banner ad without one.

b2b dashboard

4. Keep testing

Split tests can be run again and again to test results and to continue refine adverts, images and copy on an eCommerce platform to ensure products are always displayed to their fullest potential.