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November 15 2022

How B2B WhatsApp benefits wholesalers

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The WhatsApp Business API functions adapted by b2b.store to streamline a wholesaler's operations

B2B WhatsApp can help wholesalers by integrating multiple functions within its channel, making for more efficient operations that save time and money. By working with b2b.store, wholesalers can choose the modules that work best for them to get the most value for them and their customers.


Instantly deliver product offers, promotions and catalogues to customers without the need for them to be on your e-commerce platform.

Using B2B WhatsApp allows wholesalers to have a direct conversation with their customers at scale, with segmentation meaning that it’s possible to target specific groups of customers with relevant messages at a relevant time.

The WhatsApp Business API platform allows wholesalers to send multi-format media to customers without the need for high print or set-up costs.


Add product to basket

WhatsApp Business API makes adding a product to a customer's basket simple, without the need for them to enter a wholesalers’ e-commerce platform.

Promotions and new products sent by B2B WhatsApp are joined by a button prompting customers to ‘add to my basket’ so with one simple tap, the product is automatically added to an order.


Opt-in brochures and weekly offers

Wholesalers can save money on printed brochures or offer mailers by sending latest deals and promotions using b2b.store’s adaptation of WhatsApp Business API.

Messages containing a link to previously printed marketing can be sent directly to each individual customer at scale, with one tap prompting an immediate message containing the material to be viewed right away. Offer messages can be branded and adapted as needed.

View account

Keep your customers up to date with the status of their accounts with an automated message on B2B WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s secure, encrypted platform means it’s safe to share account information and can display balance, recent payment details and other credit summaries.

Using b2b.store’s WhatsApp Business API capability, wholesalers can encourage customers to view their full account, pay balances with Open Banking or choose to review in the future – removing an element of internal account management.

Reorder past order

Make your customers’ reordering experience more efficient by allowing them to place a repeat order with a single tap. 

By sending an automated reordering message via B2B WhatsApp to their customers, wholesalers are making it easier for people to spend again without logging on to an e-commerce platform.

Reordering prompts are sent by secure message to customers a fixed period of time after their previous order, making it much more likely that it will receive a positive outcome.